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Starting with the 3.0.0 release, all notable changes to the code of n6 are continuously documented here.

The format of this document is based, to much extent, on Keep a Changelog.

3.0.1 - 2021-12-03

Changes and Fixes

  • [docs] A bunch of fixes and improvements regarding the documentation, including major changes to its structure, layout and styling.

  • [setup] In, regarding the default value of the option --additional-packages under Python 3: the version of the mkdocs tool has been pinned (1.2.3), and the mkdocs-material library (providing the material docs theme) has been added (and its version is also pinned: 8.0.3).

3.0.0 - 2021-12-01

This release is a big milestone. It includes, among others:

  • migration to Python 3
  • in the n6 data pipeline infrastructure: optional integration with IntelMQ
  • in the n6 Portal: a new frontend (implemented using React), two-factor authentication (based on TOTP), user’s/organization’s own data management (including config update and password reset forms, with related e-mail notices), and other goodies…
  • in the n6 REST API: API-key-based authentication
  • and many, many more improvements, a bunch of fixes, as well as some refactorization, removals and cleanups…

Beware that many of the changes are not backwards-compatible.

Note that most of the main elements of n6 – namely: N6DataPipeline, N6DataSources, N6Portal, N6RestApi, N6AdminPanel, N6BrokerAuthApi, N6Lib and N6SDK – are now Python-3-only (more precisely: are compatible with CPython 3.9).

The legacy, Python-2-only stuff – most of which are collectors and parsers (external-data-sources-related components) – reside in N6Core and N6CoreLib; the collectors and parsers placed in N6Core, if related to non-obsolete external data sources, will be gradually migrated to Python-3-only N6DataSources (so that, finally, we will be able to rid of N6Core and N6CoreLib). There are also Python-2-only variants of N6Lib and N6SDK: N6Lib-py2 and N6SDK-py2 (needed only as dependencies of N6Core/N6CoreLib).

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