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Initialization and Configuration

Necessary n6 packages

Make sure you have n6 system installed accordingly to the guides Docker installation or Step-by-step installation.

Knowledge Base runtime configuration

Knowledge base is an optional functionality in the n6 system, switched off by default. If you want to use it, you must switch it on by setting the configuration option to true in the appropriate *.ini file. = true

Switching on the Knowledge base providing also in the GET /api/info endpoint, after logging to the n6 system, a new field knowledge_base_enabled with the value set on true (the field is not seen after switching the Knowledge base off).

Knowledge base also needs for proper working the right filesystem structure, where articles are stored. Firstly you need to specify, in the appropriate *.ini file, the configuration option knowledge_base.base_dir, which specifies the path to the knowledge base directory.

knowledge_base.base_dir = ~/.n6_knowledge_base/

The next step is to create the output knowledge base directory using dedicated script n6/N6Portal/n6portal/scripts/ The script creates in the specified in the knowledge_base.base_dir destination, the template of the knowledge base structure with samples of articles, groupped in examplary chapters.

(env_py3k)$ ./N6Portal/n6portal/scripts/

At the end you need to reload the HTTP server (in our case Apache2):

$ sudo systemctl reload apache2

Testing proper configuration

Properly initialized and configured Knowledge Base should result in visible link to the Knowledge base in n6 Portal, in which should be shown examplary articles groupped in chapters.